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Originally posted by Mace Koon:
...I've been reading the posts on here and I noticed that several people were discussing how to beat Darth Maul. I found that to be one of the easiest things to do in the whole game (PlayStation).

All I did was stand behind the last energy door, position Maul in my line of fire, and let him have it! Although I found the proton torpedoes to be the best weapon for this (and definitely the best opening salvo), the light repeating blaster works great too. Depanding on how effectively Maul blocks, I found that I could kill him in 200-400 shots, but I never had less than 1200-1500 shots. Another trick I found was to run past the battle tank on level 4 because it saves about 15 proton torpedoes (the number needed to destroy the tank - or it could be 13?) that I can use against Maul. This strategy works perfectly and Maul will never attack so long as you DO NOT CROSS the final energy door!

An unrelated question: I found it difficult to talk to Matt Rags. It seems easier if I walk towards his left side while repeatedly hitting "o." Is this another glitch or is there a special trick?

Yes, Darth Maul was supposed to be basically invulnerable to weapons other than the lightsaber, but range-weapons like the Flash Grenades and the Thermal Detonators and Missile Launcher gave Maul a headache. And the light repeating blaster fired too fast for Maul to block every shot, so he did get damaged that way. Come to think of it, the perfect solution would be to use the 'perfection' cheat hard-coded into Maul, so that if he reflected a shot, it damned sure would come right back at you

As for the tank, it was actually made that way, so you didn't have to kill the tank if you didn't want to. If you keep moving, yes you'll take damage, but it's actually more of a challenge to do it that way than firing, hiding, repeating ad nauseum.

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