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Originally posted by Mace Koon:
I have a question about The Escape from Theed. Is it possible to escort the droid who wants to follow Obi Wan through the level? If so, is there any (dis)advantage to doing so?

On another note, my girlfriend told me she likes to play the Phantom Menace because you get plenty of "breathers" where the action stops and you go on various quests, such as on the Mos Espa level. She also says that Jedi Power Battles is exclusively for boys because it's just non-stop action. Any thoughts on that? Should adventure games like TPM be, at least in part, marketed to girls?
I'm a guy and love TPM and hate the relative mindlessness of JPB. However, a good friend of mine (a girl) loves JPB and finds it very addicting. Odd...

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