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O.k., hears the ones that should have been asked.

1: Why was there no multiplayer?

2: Why wasn't a more simpler level designer used?

3: How come it wasn't made editable like JK

4: Where was the force? It sure wasn't with Obi-Wan

5: You guys KILLED the sabre dueling. It was extremely dull. How come you didn't make like a seperate block and attack button.

6. How come you didn't make animations for all the models so we could play them? I wanted to go around as Darth Maul and Jar Jar.

7. How come no Gungan Battle? That would have been fun.

8. I wish the Mos Espa track actually went all the way around. Makes ya wonder where the podracers actually raced to.WHY?

9. Coruscant was rather boring. Instead of having a great time exploring, you spent most of it in the boring lower levels.WHY?

10. How come the levels were for the most part small? Mos Espa would have been hilariously fun if it were twice as big with like 10x the amount of people.

I loved thegame, honestly, just some questions

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