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It's really too bad that TPM got screwed that way.

It was enjoyable for me though. I did have fun playing it and it was worth the 20$CAN I payed for it.

It is sad that it could have been so much more. LEC really sound like creeps. I mean sure time is of the essence, but who cares? I mean they are still coming out with Episode I games now, so who cares if it takes long? When you think about it, TPM should have been the MAJOR game of Episode I. It should have been the best one. It should have been the game that represents the movie. You guys at Big Ape did an awesome job, and it's a pity that you should look bad for that game not being "as great as expected" when you guys were pressured by LEC.

Comon LEC, if you are such a good company, and if you think I'm wrong, we want to hear you side, post on here! Big Ape has.

Another example of a company being too big to care about their customers.

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