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Can't say about next game yet, sorry.

Yeah, gotta love IGN. Not much to say there. They hated the IDEA of the game in terms of it being a 'sellout,' and said so in their very earliest news items about the game. So, lo and behold, instead of actually REVIEWING the game, they took the opportunity to make a statement about the marketing people being in charge of the decision-making process. And, quite simply, you can't argue with that. The suits control the market right now for the most part, and if they want to cash in on the wrestling fad with the Simpsons license, then that's their right to hire a team to put it together.

Not to say that Simpsons Wrestling didn't deserve a bad rap. We wanted high-res, and the limitations of the PSX prevented having both the black-line drawing technique and high-res, and Fox was insistent on the black-line (not to mention insistent that the game be on the PSX and not the Dreamcast), so we went low-res. They also wanted a game that the Simpsons fans could learn and play easily, and also had a 12-month timetable which is quite short, thus our focus had to be very narrow. Is it a fun game to play? Yeah, I think so. But is it deep? No, not in the slightest.
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