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Hmmm..ruthless..well, I wouldn't go that far. At least as developers go, there isn't a lot of cutthroat action. We trade a lot of tools and procedures and code back and forth between developers, each of us trying to get the most juice out of the hardware, and sharing our tricks. We're good friends with a lot of the local developers. The publishers are a different story; they're VERY cutthroat. Just look at the war of words between Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo for next-gen consoles and you'll see how it is.

As for patches/mods, the easiest answer to why is because the world-building/AI tool is proprietary code, owned jointly by LEC and Big Ape, and because of the joint ownership, neither can make a move without the other, and neither company had the time or inclination to support the tool should a modified version be released to the public.

One of these days I'll release that Mace Windu .baf file just for laughs, but be forewarned, it's not that spectacular.
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