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...I'm pretty sure you can't alter the 'attributes' of the different characters. Most of the character control stuff is hard-coded, and would be unaffected by changes to files. Even if you could, some characters don't have particular animations, like Panaka has no lightsaber built into his model, therefore there was no reason to create 'block' animations for reflecting back shots. It would probably crash horribly if you tried. Panaka also has no 'swim' anims because his level, Coruscant, had no water in it.

The stuff in that list, I believe, is the damage attributes done when a particular shot hits. There's a section built into the main program code that looks at that file to deliver a 'message' to the damage table, so a force push message tells the code to give the affected character a backwards velocity etc.

Yes, the Mace Windu works exactly like the Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon models, except that his lightsaber halo is white - the halo color hue is controlled by the main program code, which was previously locked down before I made Mace. Don't get too excited about him, he really doesn't look that great.
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