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OBI-WAN (On Ship): We don't have anything for trade, Master. The Queen's wardrobe, perhaps. But not enough for the amounts you need.
QUI-GON (In Mos Espa): Hmmm... maybe we can persuade them to help us through the aid of a meal. The inhabitants here look hungry.
OBI-WAN: But where are you going to find meat?
(Jar-Jar wanders over)
JAR-JAR: Hey there, Qui-Gone!
QUI-GON: Hmmmm...

HADEN BLACKMAN: No no no! You guys can't kill Jar-Jar, he's in the final... oh... err... I mean... nothing. Just don't kill him.
RAY WEST: (whiny voice) Awww, but he's annoying!
HADEN BLACKMAN: Hmmm... I see this means a lot to you... tell ya what, we'll add a Jar-Jar model into one of the N-1's that gets blown up at the end.
RAY WEST: Result!

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