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Which version of the game do you play, Redwing? If you're talking about the hangar doors Maul ran though earlier in the assault level, I can get knocked through there almost at will. You just back into the wall and hold the attack button. You should be able to bloack the attacks, but eventually you'll get kicked through. You can't get out again though. I even pulled a little trick (from another part of the level) to get the other hangar door to stay open. The first door is easy to get open, the second one I got only once and I haven't been able to duplicate it.

They may give you sheepish grins, but it usually gives me a grin too. Because you can save it anytime, the bugs are cool. Did you know you can survive the fall in that room where Obi-Wan jumps between those two platformes (the room where he has to turn on the lights). The floor is solid, but the wall are not and you just walk off the edge of the world. Also, if you're quick you can get into that first closet on the left (where the battle droid comes out). The door locks you in though. Fortunately there is a hole near the top of the door where you can jump through the wall again.

I wish I had the time to make a really good bug list. I don't even know the url of the page I already made. D'oh.

Is there anyway to keep the game from recopying all the sound files to your computer every time you load a level? Besides the fact that this slows everything down, it would be nice to replace some of the sounds.

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