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I used "perf" after I knocked the boxes down, and the wire frame image of the thermal detonator was below me inside the floor. I thought it was kind of strange.

Once, when I was playing the demo, I was really bored and ran in and out of the rooms outside the poison-gas-filled chamber (up to the first door that requires you push something) and somehow, when I used "i like to cheat" and tossed around thermal detonators (dangerous, yes I know ) I ended up with unlimited thermal detonators. I had to use up ALL the thermal detonators, toggle thru the weapons and a new thermal detonator---just one---would be there again. The symbol for chosen weapon at the bottom of the screen was a picture of a thermal detonator (as usual) but IT HAD NO NUMBER ON IT. It was blank. I could throw the detonator, toggle again and a new one would be there. Unfortunately however I could not find a way to replicate this incident, and when we got the full version of the game the saved game got deleted.

Have you ever encountered that bug and if so do you know how to replicate it?

Oh and another thing, on the first level you come upon some droid starfighters. One of them will shoot you until you get close. I was able to kill all the starfighters in the demo version. However in the PC version, even three thermal detonators leave them unscratched plus they take off really fast when you get too close. Have you been able to kill them?

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