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Rwos: There's no time for that. We have to find Ken'atra now. If we're immune to mortal injury, Deac and Flax can take care of themselves, even unconscious. We need to stop this being before he can do damage. And we need some sort of plan to do that...I seriously doubt we can take him by brute force.


Above them, a mist moved away. The Darkstar had his own agenda. He needed a host; Ken'atra was at the top of the list, but unlikely to accept him. Then there was Cracken, or even Starr if he couldn't manage Cracken.

One way or another, he would get to the Time Matrix. Then, perhaps, it would be the greatest of ironies if he...say, got to Deac Starkiller before the Starkiller avatar could...and twisted him into what Syrnl could have become.

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