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Yeah, I started off with the idea of having like a friendly chat look at the top (heh heh) and then Ben said "How about I do the lettering" so he did that. Then Met says "It's not wide enough, fix it" because we only had it 600 pixels wide and you can see it just barely fits 750, SO we were trying to figure out what the heck to do with the empty parts on the sides, so I made those little frames and put 2 pics in them, but it looked strange, so Ben got some pics that were more forum-y, and said "Try the TV Lines" since he Loves them and they turned out OK. Then, he made the User CP - Search buttons, while I made a perty road on the bottom.

(Just to mention, some of these are out of order, but thats OK). For all of the images, Ben took time to smoothen them so they didn't look very pixel-y, and they turned out excellent. All in all, I couldn't have done it without Ben, and Ben couldn't have done it without me. Two FT sites joined forces to make one EXCELLENT forum design

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