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ow yeh, that was my other question - what does keith karloff mean by this?

Ben Whatsisname: There are rumors of a sequel to Full Throttle. Now, I know the strict rules of non-disclosure as far as LucasArts is concerned, so I won't ask loaded questions like "Are you guys doing the music for the sequel", but rather a more open variant of "If they made a sequel and approached you for the soundtrack, would you do it?"

Keith Karloff: LucasArts would never approach us for a sequel which is too bad for them - I could slam "Blue Pyramid" (or anything else I've got up my sleeve) into a sequel tomorrow for them and guarantee that it would do more damage than "Bone To Pick" did with 'F.T.".
Have a look at their movies and see how frequently they use actors more than once, even if they deliver big time a la Harrison Ford. This policy does not stem from their desire to discover and promote new talent - of this, I can assure you.

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