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But then there's the age thing...

Idea 2: Perhaps on the way to find the Time Matrix, just after they find the location, they step through some sort of time warp/portal thing and emerge twenty years in the future? Then they'd really need the Time Matrix.

Idea 3: Perhaps they fall into a sort of stasis trap and Ken'atra sets them free inadverdently when he goes to find the map or whatever to the location.

Idea 4: Or perhaps, Deac, we can utilize the alternate universe where this dimension's Syrnl is being given another chance in that RPG that ended? They could enter that dimension to get a vital clue or something, hidden by the Imperials. Then when they emerge twenty years have passed...

When this happened to Corzip, Deac, and Rwos, they were immediately (about a minute after leaving the dimension) transported by the Aeges to pre-Battle of Endor times to perform the actions of The Hutt Gamble. So really, they would have no idea if they had time-skipped like it would be feasible.

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