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*Cracken watches the two fly off, and he sighs, and sits down. Reaching into his robe, he pulls out a small pack, and his lightsaber. Vidar, surprised, gets into a ready stance, but Cracken holds up his hand. Reaching into the small pack, he pulls a paper cylender, white, with a small portioon of it a tanish brown. it appears to be filled with some dead leaves, packed rather tightly. He puts the brown end to his lips, and ignights his lightsaber. Vidar draws his weapon, but Starr Steps between the two. Cracken extinguishes his blade, and is now smoking.*

*points to Vidar* YOu know what this is? *Vidar shakes is head a negative* It's called a cigarette. *he takes a drag* Comes from some planet out on the Outer Rim. Some boondocks planet where they haven't even gotten past there 4th planet. You know what it's called Starr? *Starr thought for a second, but shook his head no* Niether do i. Supid planet too, always fighting with eachother and such. i think it's Terra or some name like that...
*he took a drag, and sighed* when i was just connecting to the Force, i used to smoke these all the time. Father never understood why i did. baffeled the old man.
*he takes another drag* See, i usually calm myself through meditation and the Force, but since the Force isn't so string with us anymore... *sighs* i guess i gotta use some old methods.

*he smiles, and motions for Starr to sit. he does, and they wait....*

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