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Vidar stares silently at the two. Keeping his hand on the hilt of his blade, he waits for his father's return.

Rwos and Odin, quickly reach the market center. Landing just outside, Odin gets off of Rwos.

Odin: Stay here, we normally don't like strangers, and I can move faster alone. I'll be back in under 5 minutes, with transportation. I will also know where we should go from here.

Odin sets off at a run, then when entering the market he assumes a brisk walk. Stopping at a local news terminal, Odin quickly confirms his initial thoughts. They were indeed here during the anceint war. Also the peace meetings were to be held in a couple of days. If anything happened to those talks it would be devastating. With that information, Odin heads across the market to the landspeeder dealer ship.

Odin: I need a fast, and large transport.

Dealer: I have just what you need, a type xr 101, chariot.

Odin: Yes that will do. I'll take it now.

Dealer: That will be 20,000 credits.

Odin: I can't pay.

Dealer: Then you (finally looking up from his desk, reconizes his lord), You're the Allfather, of course there is no charge, please take it.

Odin: Thank you, I will remember you kind deed.

Leaving with the sleek, hover car. It had room for everyone including Deac, and Flax. Stopping to pick up Rwos.

Odin: Hurry, we don't have much time, and we have a long ways to go. Get in so we can pick up the others. I'll explain in transit.

Rwos gets in, and they head off to pick up the rest of the group.

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