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Odin: Of course he will, or he will kill us. Very simple. I know we are immortal but it appears that we can die and then be reborn with the next jump, so he could kill us in a maner of speaking.

The transport finally arrives in the capital city of Valhalla. Manuevering around the buildings, Odin heads to his palace in the center of the city. Stopping in front of a gigantic structure, Odin and the group exit the transport.

Odin: THis is my home; the hall of Valhalla, Only Vidar and I shall enter. The rest of you are to stay here and not move.

Odin and vidar start climbing the steps. Stopping half way they turn around, Odin seemlingly speaking to no one...

Odin: Einherjar, guard them and make sure they do not move.

Without warning, twenty Einherjar appear, with weapons drawn, and move to encirle the startled Rwos, Deac, Cracken and Starr.

Einherjar: Welcome home Lord Odin. The Allfather is expecting you. We shall make sure that they don't leave the transport.

Odin: Very good.

Odin and Vidar enter the hall, and proceed to the thrown chambers to seek council of Wodan.
(To save confustion, Wodan is Odin's past self)

Odin:Greetings Lord Wodan.

Wodan: Greetings to you Lord Odin, and also to you future son.

Vidar: Father.

Wodan: Why do you keep your companions under Guard? Are they not honorable?

Odin: Two have almost earned the right to enter this hall, but not yet, the others are evil, and must be guarded.

Wodan: I understand. I have an idea of why you came, but would you care and tell me exactly why?

Odin: There is a person named Ken'atra. I need to know were to find him. This person seeks to destroy our people. I believe he will attack the peace delegation to keep this war from ending. We must stop him. Also he carries a device, it is powerful. Vidar, the others and I are here to take back that device, and in doing save the galaxy for now from a premature ragnorak.

Wodan: This is as I guessed. Come we shall access Huginn and Muginn and retireve the information you require.

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