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While accessing the data the two Lords talk about many thing including the current situation with the Vanir.

Wodan: Finally here you go. Ken'atra is heading for a spaceport, in the city of Bifrost. Huginn reports that he will most likely try and steal a frieghtor, since all military ships are docked in space. I believe he means to attack the Vanir.

Odin: I agree, we must warn them.

Wodan: I'll get Freya on the comm.

Hitting the appropiate buttons, Freya Queen of the Vanir appears. Odin's wife, and Wodan's future wife.

Freya: Hello, Wodan.

Wodan: Freya, I have most dire news concerning the peace meating.

Freya: Go on.

Wodan: There is an assassin, on Asgard, we believe he will try and assinate your peace delegation.

Freya: I don't believe this.

Odin: Believe it. I come from the future, to stop him, and restore time. Bring along Some warships to protect the delegation. If they encounter a ship that tries to attack capture it, do not destory the ship.

Freya: This I will do, we must have peace, other threats are growing. I must go now, to make arrangements.

Odin and Wodan: Goodbye.

Odin: I too must go and intercept Ken'atra. It has been good seeing you.

Wodan: I will see you on your way. I too must make arrangements.

The three exit the hall and head towards the group. Wodan Stays at the top of the stairs, and whishes Odin, and Vidar a succeful journey. Then he turns and enters his hall.

Returning to the Group.

Odin: Einherjar return to your post. Rwos watch your tongue. You speak of what you do not understand. I will not tolerate such a tone towards my poeple. And Deac, I know your role in Ragnarok. Why do you think I traveled to the Cantina simple to have some Corellian Ale? Both of you, have patience, in time you will come to understand.

Vidar: Come, we know where Ken'atra is going. He will arrive in two hours. WE can get there in an hour and 45 minutes. We must leave now.

The group enters the transport and heads towards Bifrost.

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