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Incredible what all kinda things people can assume out of two minutes long camera shot FT2 trailer that wasn't even released to the general public.
FT2 doesn't even have a webpage yet, there is almost no info to be found on the game.
The only thing I can safely assume out of all this is that the game is still in early productions stage. So we aren't going to see it for some time and a lot can be changed for good or for bad.
I know that this short trailer is the only material we've got to work on, but saying things like Ben doesn't look as calm as he did in FT1? This assumed from the action sequences in the trailer, but as far as I know, in a trailer you ussually put interesting scenes which show a lot of action, Ben got a fair share of action in FT1 as well nad made a few really nasty faces. But the trailer could just show Ben calmly riding out in the dessert for two minutes, then we could all say, yep Ben is as calm and cool as he was in FT1.
About Ben's 3D model I personally think it's made very good, of course the resolution isn't that good on the trailer, but I still like it, of course it isn't right to compare it to a cartoon drawn character (of course there's no other way here), it would be like comparing a computer made character to a live actor, to a degree you can, but that's it.
As for Mo, well, we'll see, it's still to early to say anything, but I don't think it's that bad.
Really liked the original hope they make a good job out of it, this could bring adventure games back, where escape from Monkey island failed.
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