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if you need a guy to bouce ideas off of and test things, I am your guy... I have to be one of the only ones who has heard of/likes jedi style...

also say the word, and in 30min EVERYBODY will know... I can get ahold of anyone, belive me

this new mod sounds WONDERFULL, and the only advice I have is:dont start too big, start on the small side.

also, people like previews. if they know about it, and like it, they will come back for more. think yoda model thread

hmm... A idea...

why not instead of powerups, you would pick your gun(if so inclined) off a point based menu, much like the current force menu?

also, maybe have some addons? like... I dont know.. scopes for all the guns, for maybe 1 point per gun? or a silencer atachment? that could be fun.

also, the sniper rifle would need some improvement, methinks... I like the RTCW sniper idea, the longer you hold still, the better the shot. also you could offer a "sniper gyro system" to take it back to what you have now, for perhaps 15 points.(if you are gonna give um a boom-stick, make it hurt.)

if the point system, is a no-go, perhaps just somthings like, the E-11 has a weaker scope(common, its on the flipin model, why cant we use it?) and give the primary fire the silencer...

anyway, thats all I have right now... I am sure I will think of more later... bye

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