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btw, I am still one of the guys, dont think of me as a mod, just a guy w/power;)

sure, add whatever you want to the docs, I do not mind one bit.

moving on...

when I said, give me 30min and everone will know, I ment just that"everybody" you know, 'joe 3 doors down' just so people know about this mod... jedi style floped frankly, just some bad timing, coming right after the much larger jedi mod 1.0.

however, I DO know some editors in the jkii world... I can think of a maper who does good work, and a 2 or 3 model/animation guys... come to think of it, the other day, one of them got a user-made .GLM file to work in mod-view... you might want to talk to him...

there is a ton of talent in the IRC chat... and a ton of ideas...

like I said, I will think up some more ideas tomorow, as its not 0408 here.... GAH! night all!

edit: I have done enough mapping to know your idea, good as it may be, will not work at this time. there is no way to unBSP a map, and the only 2 ways to do what you would want/need is:1, remake the maps from scratch... doable, but very time consuming. OR 2, convince raven to somehow release/send us/do it for us the .MAP files of the above maps... yeah right...

your best shot would be to include a mappack with maps that are close in gamplay to the defaults...

look at this, I edited in a whole damn 2nd post... GAH! night for REAL this time

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