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*Deac turns to Rwos*

I don't majorly feature here , but in the universal Ragnarok. The Aesir will only destroy this galaxy in their Ragnarok. I am talking of the end of time itself, when good and evil battle for one final time.


How pathetic...exist only to serve. I could dismember your master in a fraction of a second. He refused me, make sure you don't make the same mistake. Here, let me show you what is to come...

*The Darkstar projects a vision of Deac and Starr fighting*

Deac: I told you it would come for this. History is safe. Now I owe you THIS!

*Deac feints with one of his sabers, and smashes them both onto Starr's right arm, breaking it off. Starr retaliates with dark force lighting, frying Deac's circuits, but Deac is able to hurl one of his sabers, slicing Starr in two*

Is that what you could be like this...

*Deac's body change's to Starr, with Deac lying in two neat pieces*
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