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I've always thought (as an idea) this game needed a new gameplay type.

Assuming you get most of what you want working, you could add in new gameplay types so maps and missions would be more intune with the movies. Like an example of one gameplay is a mission based gameplay sort of like CS or so.

Here's my idea.

Have one gameplay type called Insurrection (or something to that effect). Where you have one team the defense (depending on which era you like more) could have one team the Empire or Rebels (or new Republic). One team would be defending their base from attack by the opposing team. Now the objectives would vary, but they could include something like planting thermal detonating devices at the base's main computer terminal. Hacking into the files and stealing them and escaping (like Rebels stealing the first Death Star plans). Assassinating a General or other kind of leader. Or lots of other possible theories. This would not only create variety (and teamwork something JK2 certainly has a lack of), but it would also tie in your craving for realism true to the movies, with the story lines and such. Making it more movie like by actually taking part.

I also think having the weapon UI would be nice too. Like those who aren't Jedi or Sith pick their weapons off that. I also think that people that can use the force shouldn't be able to use any weapon other than a Lightsaber (that's me, I've always thought that). And people that can use a variety of weapons can't use the force or Lightsabers.

For this gameplay type you could have it where one team being whatever, Empire, Rebels, whatever you decide. Have a certain amount of Jedi/Sith to each team. The rest of the team being regular soldiers with a variety of selected weapons. Each weapon would be paired with their team's counterpart. Meaning each team only gets to select the weapons that their side actually created (or actively use). That would make diversity between the teams.

Anyway, that's one of my ideas. Seems like if it was done right it'd add a whole new depth to multiplayer, other than just killing people or going after a flag.
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