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While it would be a cool idea and all, I don't see it as worthwhile from a work -> payoff point of view. It would require an @$$load of programming, mapping, etc. and you'd be basically getting Team Fortress with lightsabers and the Force. Maybe after we complete all the other modifications we could attempt something like that but I currently feel that's beound the scope of the Mod. Sides, I understand that the Jedi Fortress WIP is going to do that exact thing.

As for the experience system, I believe in a more open ended style of system. Jedi players should use Lightsabers because they are the powerful, elegent, glaceful weapon of the Jedi not because we force them to. The Lightsaber is easily the most powerful and utilitarian weapon in the Star Wars universe and this will be reflected in the game. Sure, the guns will be balances against the saber, but a Jedi with a saber is simply more powerful than the best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy with a blaster. I'm thinking that to offset this inharent advantage will be offset by a score bias for gun wielders.

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