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Sorry, I haven't explored the possibly of weapon addons yet. It all depends on how the game handles weapons. If a each stance on the saber counts as a "weapon" the we probably can't do much if the game has a 16 "weapon" limit. If the game counts the different modes of a gun as one "weapon" we should be able to do a lot of stuff with it.

YES! Get them in contact with me ASAP! We can use all the help we can get

Clips are a great idea! I'll add to it the DD. I was considering it for the missile launcher (which fires WAY TOO quickly) but didn't think to apply it to the other weapons. I imagine we'll just do a quick "gun disappears" trick so we don't have to create new animations to do it. I'm really worried that truely new animations will be next to impossible to create without the motion capture equipment and software. If that turns out to be true the Mod will limited by that.

And yes, the Repeater secondary is planned to have much less ammo and have a "wind-up" period and sound. I envision it as a sort of energy gernade launcher so I'm trying to balance it to be like one.

As for gun jamming, I have two issues:

A. How can a plasma based weapon jam without exploding?
B. Do Star Wars weapons jam at all?

In real life, jams aren't THAT big of an issue, guns aren't complicated enough to realistical jam hard enough to be hard to unjam. Jams are the result of a casing not ejecting or loading correctly. The problem is that SW guns are not based on a casing system so they simply can't "jam" in the way our guns do. If you can figure out how a SW gun could jam we could probably add it to the game.

You know, if you're interested enough and have the time you could work as a weapons designer for the Mod. I'm mainly interested in the saber design and I don't use the guns enough in the game to really know how to balance them vs. other gunners. As of now, I haven't even touched any of the weapons in the DD except for the repeater and the saber. We need to work out a gun / force point system (that may or may not be linked) for the Stage One implimentation.

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