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sure, I would go for the weapon designer spot, but like I said, I know less than jack about programing... but tons about how things should act/balence...

re, jams: hmm point on the plasma weapons... but remember in JKII you have 2 guns that use a metal bolt clip(real ammo) and a rocket gun... the repeater shoots real bullets, a jam is not out of the question... for the rocket louncher, I am thinking.... right now, there are 2 modes of fire.. dumbfire and homing... both are low risk...perhaps... um... if mind trick is still in, in some form, have it work on the rocets, and have it chage targets randomly at low levers, and at lvl3(or whatever) have it try and seek the shooter...

ohh... that sounds cool have push still affect it, but only shove it off course perhaps...this could get interesting...

other idea, leave the rate of fire, wait for it... but have it, so that the more rounds you fire fast, with out leting it cool, makes it start to increse the chance that the next round you shoot will blow up in your face...

damn, thats evil too

also, I send you a PM about this... I got some names.

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