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Rwos stares at Cracken. "Geek" was a word from meant something along the lines of cyberscientist...which made no sense in this case.

Maybe his translator had gotten a random glitch. He'd worry about it when he got back home...if he did...

...why, exactly, were Starr Hailfire's eyes black?


My past is half a blank...I do not know h---

Cracken spoke. Starr instinctively listened...

So he wants to stick with them...he must have a plan for this that he did not tell me...I suppose he really doesn't need me at all.

Well after all, he's the one who told me that "when opportunity strikes, take it..."

Starr took out his lightsaber. He turned to Cracken, who looked oddly at him. They looked at each other for a moment. Then Cracken's face changed...he knew what Starr was about to do.

Starr: Rest assured that I'll come back for you.

Starr struck the canopy of the speeder with his lightsaber's blade. Then he leaped out of the vehicle, rolling on the ground. Using the Force to speed his movements, he ran.

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