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re, jams:
Good points. So what is the repeater then if it fires real bullets? Real bullets travel much faster than that AND even a jedi couldn't deflect a spray of real bullets...

As for the rocket launcher, I was thinking that it would make sense if we seriously limited the reload speed and ammo. And maybe change the homing mode to a lazer guided or guided missile mode to make it more realistic.
ohh... that sounds cool have push still affect it, but only shove it off course perhaps...this could get interesting...
My thoughts exactly, I think force push or Dodge should instead of reversing the missile rotate it off course depending on your TK skill. And the pure TK Mode could actually manuver the missile around just like any other object. Say Push = (25% deflection Level 1; 45% level 2 90% level 3) and TK = (none level 1, 50% slow down in missile speed Level 2; 100% stop Level 3) So, if you caught the missile with TK you could throw the missile against the shooter or another person.

I think that's a great idea for the better guns. (practical and a realistic explaination why not everyone has they in Star Wars. However, I imagine you'd have to set it so you'll not risk blowing up your gun unless you continuously fire the gun thru multiple clips without pause (No one would use a gun that explodes all the time.

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