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Heh, I go away for a few days to my girlfriend and the posts fill in behind you, now I've got some new stuff to talk about.
Let's see, where to start hmm I really wouldn't like to speculate just how much of the game is already finished, but I would venture that not a lot, there are a lot of other game titles Lucasarts is developing and quite a bit of info on them as well, whereas on FT2 thre is, like I wrote before almost no info at all (where there any interviews or anything written on FT2? ) the "teaser" trailer was only meant for those who visited the E3, which is not just everybody, if it weren't for that guy with a camera, most of us wouldn't even know this little bit we DO know. Who knows, perhaps the game is nearing completion (doubt that) .
As for the girl being clumsy, I think you misunderstood it entirely manny_c444, the best way to pi** off a biker is to knock over his bike ( I just gotta write this joke down... A man is eating his sandwich in a bar, as three bikers walk in, one of them grabs the guys sandwich and starts eating it, the man just stands up and walks out of the bar, the biker turns to the bartender and says, Man, that guy was a real ***** he didn't even say a word! Yeah says the bartender, and he's also a lousy driver. Oh why do you say that? Asks the biker, Well, answers the bartender, becouse he just ran over three harleys in the parking lot with his truck.)
Well back on the subject, I still think it is best to wait until we get our hands on something solid, before making asumptions.
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