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so to clarify, the game is no where near completion (i'd say a year or two, max) but they all have an almost finalized idea of charachters, storyline, locations and graphics. so really, it's all a matter of voice recordsing (which is always done first, then animation happens around it), and progamming the game with it's high quality graphics and such. that woman may not be Mo, (and we hope hot) but then again, if mo is in the game, then wouldn't they put her ni the teaser somewhere, i mean, she would be a main character, and if she isn't (like Jar Jar in SWE1 was one of the main charchters, but in SWE2, he had a very small role) then even still, people would like to know that she is theer and therfore wouldnm't they pyut her ni the trailer? i don't know. but apart from that, i agree with everything else.

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