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((OOS: I did forget, and Deac...neglected to mention it to the others ))

Well? What is it? Where?

*Deac comes 'flying' after him*

What in the Force? How is he doing this!

*another voice spoke in Starr's mind* You are blind to your power, Starr. You do not sense me within Deac?

What? DARKSTAR! What is he doing!?


*Rwos sees Deac and Starr, receding faster than he could follow*

Dammit! did Deac do that? Do they both have the avatars now?

*Rwos turned back in midair to the speeder and landed in it* We have to turn around and---Flax, you're awake.

We're on Odin's home planet. Four thousand years in the past.

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