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*Ken’atra stops suddenly on his way as a strong power sources catches his attention. He reaches out with his senses and pin points where the power source is coming from. He twists the strand of hair around his fingers as he tries to decide on what to do now. Should he satisfy his curiosity or continue on with the plan?* Hmmm…decisions, decisions… If I go then I’ll loose time and if I don’t then it will distract me for a long time. *Blast his curiosity, it’s a rather annoying thing, much like the strand of hair (although not as irritating). He smirks and his fangs glint in the light* Then again…I have all the time I’ll ever need. *He soon finds his way to a rather…interesting group, but they do not see him yet. He whispers to himself* Well now, isn’t this interesting.

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"He could change. If we could get him he could change."- Nivek
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