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((OOS: Battledog, Flax is actually still in his starfighter pilot suit, unless Odin gave him other clothes. Did he have a leg scabbard or something?

I assume that since we're hitting boulders, we've stopped the speeder.))

*Rwos looks around distractedly* Firstly, I'm carrying around ceremonial swords myself. But mine are considerably more portable than these...and if you're about done, then we need to move. Are we going to try and separate Starr and Deac, or are we going to keep going after Ken'atra?

And what, exactly are we going to do if we find him?


*Starr does not have time to pull his lightsaber. He reacts on instinct, using one of the unusual Force techniques he specializes in. Bright green intangible particles flash from his hands and strike Deac in the eyes, blinding him.

Starr rolls away, clicking a metal component on his arm and firing a wrist rocket at Deac's head.

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