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Rwos: That's the problem, though. We don't know where or even when he found the Time Matrix. And we don't know anything at all about him except his name and that he was trained by Reletha Darkstar, who is, or was, Deac's neice. And in my fifteen-second encounter with him...I can safely say he's far more powerful than she is. You were all unconscious when we landed in front of him...he picked up all of us simultaneously and casually threw us about a hundred feet. With a little wave of his hand, as if it was nothing. And I was resisting. *turns* Now I can assure you that no other Jedi or Sith that I have seen is able to do that. Especially to an active person. And that's at full power, which we are all not at. Not even the two Avatars back there. *Rwos glances behind them at Starr and Deac, fighting in the distance*

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