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Hey, It's as if I don't have anything else to do. I was going to do it after I did my homework, but you beated me to it.(yes I do have 34 hours worth of school a week, homework not included, and I've just been sick, so I need to catch up on that too. I'm busy these days)
But anyway. So, Now I'm the PR manager for Knight Watch . Knight Watch is the clan that I've recently joined, (don't worry Oninosensi, I'll join yours too, if I'm still allowed). but since Paul is kindofa busy these days becoming the greatest Bio-chemist of all time. I have to take over the recruiting. So, If any JK or XWA owner out there wants a clan that's based about fun instead oif gaming skill. Join us.(BTW, our boss is a real perfectionist, so things will run smoothly.)

Well, That's my first recruiting post. I'll have to do this again in 7 days(or less). See ya.

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