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((OOS: Huh? Ken'atra has the Time Matrix. Why would he jump with it? What just happened there?

Argh...Death needs to post...she's been busy, and LucasForums has been down two days in a row the whole time she was on, and she wasn't on before that.

[me being on all day, didn't affect me]

edit: And naturally, the forums go down just as I want to edit this stupid thing...anyway disregard this, Deac read PM ^.^))

Rwos: What in seven hells? *looks around* I know this's called Atredis. It's...Deac's home planet...

*Rwos glances around and sees a figure slipping away. He recognizes it too late*

Ken'atra! He's been following us...he must have seen all of that...all of it...the Darkstar...

Flax! Odin!

*no answer. Rwos looks behind him to see his companions already embroiled in the fight. Just in time for the stormtroopers to notice him...*

Oh great.

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