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Terrakon: Darkstar? That must be...what Syrnl got...he was the firstborn, you know...he read into books on evil, he found a strange power, and is...with the empire...

We have a common goal. We must find Deac, otherwise all is lost...


*A young boy cowers behind a trashed speeder. His spirit suddenly picks up...he can see his father, but he is wounded. Another figure stands above his wounded father. A young man, only about 17...*

Talzion: You wouldn't kill me...or have you truly sold your soul?

*The man turns. Deac's his older brother. He hasn't seen him since the argument*

Syrnl: I did not sell my soul, mearly loaned it. I get it back, and I get power...

*A voice that is not Syrnl's leaves his mouth...*

How does it feel to be finally beaten, Starkiller?
We'll meet again...sooner than you think...

*Syrnl stabs Talzion through the heart*

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