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Juaka woke up from a strange dream, in which he had some sort of stereotypical premonition, but he shrugged it off as the mutton he ate last night. He rose from his crude encampment of a bed to feel some cold steel on his slippery neck, a feminine voice spoke.

"Make a sound, I kill you. Move, I kill you. Breathe.. Well I kill you later."

Juaka would have laughed, but that would have counted as making a sound, this person was an amatuer, he could tell, the voice spoke again

"I have a proposition for you Mister, you give me your sword, and I'll leave you alone, you can talk and move now."

Juaka turned around, his "Captor" was hooded and was apparently a Dark Elf, and in the trees were badly hidden archers.

"I give you this proposition:" Juaka scoffed "You leave now, and you'll live."

The Dark Elf woman laughed "Very well then." She raised her right arm, ducked and a barrage of arrows flew towards Juaka, he raised his sword and began a battle..

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