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Here's my system specs:

HP Pavilion 9800 custom PC
Processor: AMD Athlon 1GHz
Video: nVIDIA GeForce 2 MX w/32M of RAM on a 4x AGP card
Audio: Sound Blaster Live! Value (WDM, whatever that means)
OS: WinXP Home w/NTFS-formatted HDD
Speakers: powered subwoofer and two stereo speakers (I forgot the manufacturer)

I tried this game with a FAT32-formatted hard disk and tried again reformatting the disk with NTFS. I got the same problem. I tried plugging my speakers into the "line-out" port on my sound card but I got no sound out of them at all. I tried using the reinstall/repair feature from the game autorun menu, that didn't work. I tried twiddling the volume controls in Windows, in the game and on my speakers and that didn't work. Ugh!!!

Originally posted by Pedro The Hutt:
Well if your processor is too slow to technically keep up with everything it could be because of that... but might I ask what processor speed and RAM you've got?

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