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I am not going to debate with you paul, your simply not worth it.

But, a few basic things you have missed:

1: Making changes to any RPG rules system is a time honored tradition, in fact, it is encourged in most circles, to the point of chucking the core rules if the GM feels the need to. And if I use my own rules, I don't know any company that would waste the money trying to suppress that. This isn't for profit, merely fun.
2: Everything you have sent me is availble on more than a dozen fan sites. One version is just about the same as another, taking #1 into consideration, of course. If they wanted to 'shut me down', you would be next in line.
3: Copywrite infringment? You have whole sections of the core rulebook on your site. And, the same thing appears on fan sites for what ever game you may have. It is very wide spread, to the point of fan produced suplliments and adventures, along with gear and ideas/things moved from one game system to another. If I wrote up a rancor for Battletech or Shadowrun and put it on my site, would WotC or Fasa take me to court? I very much doubt it.

And lastly, I never said I was the GM.

Are you feeling threatened paul? Or just looking for some attention?

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