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The Jedi Masters of Honor

We the Jedi Masters of Honor (JMH) are a lightside, non-hacking/cheating clan, that plays Jedi Knight II; Jedi Outcast and Dark Forces II; Jedi Knight.

JMH was made by a few people that had been in the Jedi Order for a few years and knows what they are doing.

We play on MSN Gaming Zone
And we enjoy game types such as; Capture The Flag, Free For All. Duel, Jedi Master, Team Free For All and we make our own Tournement from a time to time with our allies.

Now that you know what JMH is, are you ready to become a Jedi Knight in the Jedi Masters of Honor? Then post on our forum or contact JMH_Link, JMH_Siraious or JMH Oubi_0 on MSN Gaming Zone.
Jedi Masters of Honor --A Jedi Knight I & Jedi Knight II gaming organization.

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