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*"The children" Marin and Aidan round a corner to be confronted by Misae*

Misae: Where are you going?

Marin: That's not your business.

Misae: You can't---

Aidan: *eyes glow* I don't care if you're a Jedi, you have no reason to detain us.

Misae: Aren't you even going to thank---

Marin: We're grateful. But we need to leave.

Misae: *blurts out* You can't.

Aidan: Oh, but we can.

Misae: No! I mean, wait.

Marin: What?

Misae: *sighs* I saw what you did this morning.

Marin: *as a question* You did.

Misae: I know you aren't what you seem to be.

Aidan: *aside* Told you someone was there.

Marin: Okay, so you saw us. What are you going to do about it? Dun think anyone's gonna believe you if you tell them, so threaten us all you want but it won't get you anywhere.

Misae: Be that as it may, someone told me to follow you...that you have "the first key". He was tall, dark, and...passed through walls, and knew my name. And..he called you *points to Aidan* a "gargoyle".

Aidan: *sarcastically* How odd. That's what I am.

Marin: *elbows Aidan* They don't have gargoyles here, genius. *to Misae* Sounds weird, but here's a problem - we don't have a key.

Misae: *points to the pack Aidan is carrying* What's in there?

Marin: Junk. And our business. And no keys.


*Raschel runs to the transport edge and yells in at Heimdall* Gotta find Orthos! *dashes off in his direction*

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