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*Suddenly, through a small patch of fog, the new TIE Vultures scream through the air, and open fire. The base is the frist, and the group splits, one to tend to the base, the other to deal with the escaping frieghter and her escorts.

As suddenly as they appeared, a small triangular fighter came up through the top levels of Coruscant, and flew right up infront of the frieghter, sending it veering, then back on course. it flies in a loop, and blasts the TIE that's coming head on to the frieghter. It rolled, and snap-turned, sending another two to thier firiey doom.

A soothing womans' voice pierced the comm.*

I see you have a bit of company, mind if i join in? also, if you find time, i'd like to know why the hell you didn't return my call.

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