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*to Irvines surprise the TIE fighters also attack his freighter too...*

Irvine: "Aw crap, i wish that orthos came" *Irvine says with a smrik* "I really could use another gunner rather then my automatic systems... also kinda sucks the the previous pilots decided to take the escape pods with them... heh."

*Irvine showing off his pilot skills, preforms several barrel rolls and a few flips to dodge enemy fire before he shotts a few down, but not before getting hit himself rather critically...*

Irvine: "Err! Why haven't my main sheilding power up!?" *irvine suddenly relises something* "One of those people i was with must have sabotaged my ship when i was looking for the mig weilder... Well, im not through yet..."

Irvine on comm raiseing Orthos in his fighter: "Someone screwed with my sheilds! Im bailing out! if ya got room or not come and get me..."

*and with that, Irvine takes the two lightsabers from the silver case while turning one on (Blue blade) and cuts a circle through the ****pit window and jumps out...*

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