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Heimdall: Die if you want to. [to self] pity that they didn't listen to me.

*Misea and the kids enter the ship*

Heimdall: Welcome aboard, *closes the hatch* if you follow me, we will get out of here, and save our unwise friends.

Entering the ****pit, Heimdall seals the door, and proceeds to take off. The ship rotates to face the oncoming fighters, that were attacking Irvines' freighter. Ignoring the ones that were attacking the decoy for a moment.

Looks like they got they are going to destroy that freighter. Lets have some fun shall we. flips a switch, and the ship suddenly vanishes. Smiling to his self, Heimdall remembers when the Scientist on Alfheim finally solved the problem with cloaking a vessel. Once the blindess of the cloaking was removed, cloaking devices were installed on every Aesirian ship. A very deadly surprise. They were even working on one device that had the potentional to cloak a world. Pity the world was also destroyed.

We are now invisible to the imps. They won't know what is happening.

Finding a nice target, the automatic defense vapeorized a fighter, going after Raschel. To the Imp pilots and everyone else outside the ship it appeared as laser bolts materialized out of thin air.

One down a few more to go. Misea, look at the scanner [points to the scanner[/i] and tell me how many red blimps there are.

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