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*Raschel slams open the door to the hangar and glances around. Several TIEs sat there, along with a few assorted other fighters. A small StarWing Assault Gunboat with the canopy open catches her eye, and she climbs into it, typing in from memory the standard Cygnus activation codes into the flight computer. The ship takes about thirty seconds to power up and Raschel flies out of the hangar.

Finally. In a fighter again. Raschel felt her pilot instincts flooding back, and she powered the StarWing towards the oncoming Vultures.


Misae: *looking at the blips*, fifteen. And there's a bunch more blips on the edge of the screen.


*over Raschel's comm came a message*

"I see you have a bit of company, mind if I join in? Also, if you find time, I'd like to know why the hell you didn't return my call."

Same voice as in the canister's recording.

*She pressed the comm button* "Call?"

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