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*Alys checks her scanner, sithspit, more coming up from the top tier levels of Coruscant. They must took the low road.*

[into her com,link, to all of the friendlies] Watch your bottoms, kids, about 25 more from below!

*She kicks her Jedi Starfighter into a loop, theninto a steep dive*

R2, load the seeker cluster and get targets
*The R2 driod complies, and in her helmet retical, appears 6 red glowing dots. she hit the missle fire, and one missle fires, spliting into 6 indevidual missles, each seeking thier targets. The TIE's scatter, but it's too late, as 6 of the 25 are sent crashin to the top levels. her shields are hit, but maintain at 70%. Alys does a 180* and snap shots 2 more*

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