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Oopsy :)

Didn't know they had those now! Really, I didn't! Sorry I got the character mixed up too (I knew there were two less-remembered characters, but I messed up by putting Cora's name on there twice) ... it's been a while, it's time to reinstall and play my heart out again! Basically, I was working on that idea, then complications arose (other than legal ones) that led to my quitting. I was the only one worling on it namely One other person offered, but that wasn't enough. And now I have no time because of school and work. But the water idea came from a basic need of life idea. Other resources could've worked in the situation, though I had more plans for water than ANYTHING Even if I made this game, the legality of it wouldn't be an issue I wouldn't sell it, i'd give it out. And it's not like it's THEIR work! lol, they shouldn't be uptight. I thought they only sued you if money was involved. Could be wrong, I've never been sued But yeah, I would've loved working on it doing art and character development (which i'm taking classes for now, Digital Art and Animation) but i've lost time! And that's the most important thing to have when doing a project such as this. I would restart later in life, however, when school is out (in about 1 and a half years) If anyone's interested then

Maybe George Lucas will listen to me when i'm WORKING for LucasArts...
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