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((No. The cloaking device was perfected by the Aesir. The only problem is that it demands large amounts of power to operate for a long period of time. What happens is right before the ship jumps to hyperspace the cloak is disable giving the hyperdrive enough power. As soon as the cloak is off the ship jumps. It is automatic function. This is only one of the many special features found on Heimdalls ship))

Heimdall: It doesn't matter if they have a lock on my ship, with a flip of a switch, my ship vanishes. They can't lock on, and can't shoot what they don't see. I plan on slipping into the exit line and just flying out of here. If you want to run for it be my guest.

Hal, if you fighter is so important then I suggest we put it in the hold, but that is up to you.

Raschel and Orthos, both of you are welcome on my ship. But you must decide now what you want to do.

I warn all of you, once you made up your mind that is it. Hal what are those coordinates.

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