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Re: Oopsy :)

Originally posted by TogaMario
Didn't know they had those now! Really, I didn't! ... But the water idea came from a basic need of life idea. Other resources could've worked in the situation, though I had more plans for water than ANYTHING
You know, now that I think about it, I might be getting reality and SimCity 3000 mixed up. Water treatment is not one of my areas of speciality. However, I still think we'd try to use salt water before importing it from Mars.

Originally posted by TogaMario
Even if I made this game, the legality of it wouldn't be an issue I wouldn't sell it, i'd give it out. And it's not like it's THEIR work! lol, they shouldn't be uptight. I thought they only sued you if money was involved. Could be wrong, I've never been sued
Previous fan game efforts (such as the previous dig.mixnmojo webmaster's game) have been served cease and desist letters, and might possibly have been sued if they had not ceased and desisted. Even if they're free. Whether that's uptight or not is debatable. A good discussion on this is available at
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